Thursday, January 22, 2015

Photographing Red Rocks with Fresh Snow and Blue Sky



Red Rocks with Fresh Snow and Blue Sky
Black and White Fine Art Photography
by Colorado Photographer Peter Castricone

Monday, January 19, 2015

Afternoon at the Colorado Railroad Museum

This is a great spot for photography. I captured several nice shots. With Colorado's always spectacular blue sky in the background, some of the old boxcars paint a colorful image. Still, I always picture historic railroad photos in black and white. With lots of opportunities, I had no trouble finding a few images good enough for my website.
I was excited about the grittiness of the old locomotives, which makes for great monochromatic images and backgrounds. Some of these date back into the 1800s. It's hard not to feel a bit of romance for the old west and the people who traveled it on the railroad. My wife was tolerant enough to sit for a few poses, and I love the setting for portrait photography. Thiis is defintely far from glamorous, but I can see this as a convenient location for portrait or fashion shoots. The entry fee is a little steep at $10 per person, but I imagine the cost of restoration of these old trains is quite high.

Colorado Fine Art Photography by Peter CastriconeColorado Fine Art Photography by Peter Castricone

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Sunset from Dinosuar Ridge

The other night I decided to capture one of the spectacular sunsets we've been having just about every night this winter. I parked at the Stegosaurus lot at the I-70 Morrison exit and hiked up the muddy hill. This is one of my standard trail running trails, but this was definitely the muddiest I've seen it. (FYI, we do not get a lot of mud in Colorado.) Once on the ridge, I didn't have to go far to find several photo opportunities.

Sunset Photography, Morrison, ColoradoI snapped some photos while I waited for the sun to drop behind Mt. Morrison. The weather was great for January, but once the sun hit the horizon I was glad I brought my down jacket. The starburst scene was exquisite, and I was fortunate that my camera was all set up. All I needed to do was push my remote trigger. I got three shots off before the sun was behind the mountain. Wow, it was fast!

Sunset Photography, Morrison, Colorado

Then the heavens opened up and turned yellow. I stood there for a long time just soaking it all in.
Unfortunately my battery died, just as the sky turned a fiery orange with streams of cyan. Oh well, I stayed for an hour and watched the show. This was one of the most amazing sunsets I've ever seen. I was lucky to be there. But this is what photography is all about...and why I love Colorado so much.

Sunset Landscape Photography, Morrison, Colorado Sunset Landscape Photography, Morrison, Colorado
Sunset Landscape Photography, Morrison, Colorado Sunset Landscape Photography, Morrison, Colorado

Friday, June 27, 2014

Shrine Ridge

To get to Shrine Ridge, take the exit at Vail Pass on I-70 that heads toward the rest area. Instead of going into the rest area, veer off onto the dirt road. This road will take you to a trailhead with a large but busy parking lot where there are restrooms. The trail starts behind the restrooms and winds easily through the woods for a couple miles. Shrine Ridge doesn't have a distinct summit but you can walk along it and find complete paradise among Colorado's beautiful native wildflowers.

Shrine Ridge. Vail, Colorado | Colorado Landscape Photographer Peter CastriconeShrine Ridge. Vail, Colorado | Colorado Landscape Photographer Peter Castricone 
Shrine Ridge. Vail, Colorado | Colorado Landscape Photographer Peter Castricone Shrine Ridge. Vail, Colorado | Colorado Landscape Photographer Peter Castricone

I am a Colorado landscape photographer with a deep passion for the natural beauty of Colorado and the west. I have been exploring the backcountry of Colorado for many years. As a result I've developed a deep respect for the outdoors and an appreciation for our national parks. My camera is merely the tool I use to record the intimate moments that I witness so that I can share this incredible beauty with you. 
As a fine artist and architect, I am fascinated by a variety of subjects. I primarily photograph natural landscapes but I also routinely capture urban environments, wildlife, and people.
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